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Podology (Podologie) 

podos (ποδός) – for „Foot“ and logos (λόγος) for „Study“

Podologist (Podologe/Podologin) is the German terminology for Podiatrist/Chiropodist. 

This medical qualification consists of 2000 hours theoretical and practical training as well as 1000 hours of practical internship placements in both hospital clinic & surgery.

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Helena Kendall (founder )

Podologist - German Podiatrist 

After attending medical college in Germany, Helena was awarded her certification in Podology by the German Podiatry board in 2016.

After graduation Helena moved to Munich, where she worked as a Podologist before relocating to the UK in 2021. 
Helena has opened her clinic in Lymington specialising in the German nail correction brace, a painless technique to painlessly unroll ingrown toenails. 

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Birgit Kendall

Podologist - German Podiatrist

With over 30 years of nursing experience Birgit decided to branch into a new career whilst staying in the medical field. In 2012, Birgit was also awarded her certification in Podology by the German Podiatry board. With decades of attentive care Birgit covers most of our housebound patients with impaired conditions.

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